Redwood Rye Review

Humboldt Craft Spirits is the first and only licensed distillery headquartered in Eureka, California.

As the seat of Humboldt County, Eureka is uniquely situated between the Pacific Ocean to the west, Humboldt Bay to the north, and majestic redwood forests to the south and east.  Known as the Redwood Empire, the area is renowned for it's natural beauty and temperate climate.


Fifth-generation Humboldt County resident Fred J. Moore III saw this as the perfect place to start a certified craft distillery.  In 2011, he set out to create something truly special that Eureka, and all of Humboldt County, could be proud of.

Humboldt Craft Spirits began with a small 8-gallon still, and from those humble beginnings the team learned the craft of creating artisan spirits, one batch at a time, from scratch.  This "grain-to-glass" philosophy is the true hallmark of Humboldt Craft Spirits' vision.


Our family of spirits

Under the direction of Distiller Jackie Moore - Fred's wife and herself a fifth-generation Humboldt resident - Humboldt Craft Spirits now uses two 250-gallon mash tuns, a 250-gallon stripping still, a 50-gallon spirit still, and a 12-plate rectification column to produce award-winning, Certified Craft spirits: Blue Lake Vodka, Redwood Rye Whiskey, Little River Gin, and Eureka! Chocolate Liqueur.


The Moore Family